After a bit of time off the air (due to lots of work and a few personal video projects) we’re back to chat about the news in the world of Digital Media Production. We also go in depth with Sony’s new PXW-Z150 video camera.


RAW shooting coming to iOS 10

  • iOS 10 will allow RAW shooting, enabling a new “higher end” class of photography apps on the platform.
  • Will be hardware limited to recent devices (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE a iPad Pro 9.7)
  • iPad Pro can also capture in DCI P3 colour space (on top of sRGB)
  • iOS devices are the world’s most popular camera, so hopefully this will be the next evolution in “iPhoneography”.

Hasselblad release X1D Mirrorless medium format camera

  • 50MP
  • Wifi & GPS, USB C, audio in and out
  • 1080p (not 4k)
  • Dual SD
  • New lenses. Old ones will work with an adaptor
  • 14 stops
  • $9k US. I want one but can’t afford one.

Tascam DR-10SG

  • Shotgun microphone with a built in recorder
  • Handy for shoots where you need to record without wireless or cables

Premiere CC 2015v3 released

  • Big focus on proxy workflow. Some similar elements to FCPX
  • 360° video support (not creating it, but editing and viewing it)
  • Built in stock purchase
  • Edit while importing
  • Performance enhancements using Metal (Mac) and Intel IRIS H.264 on Windows
  • Native decode (no Quicktime) on Windows


We review the Sony PXW-Z150


Discussion Notes General

  • Sony’s latest “Pro Camcorder” for run and gun event, doco, corporate, news, etc.
  • How much is it? $5600 AU
  • What does it come with? Camera, Cables, Charger, NP-F770 battery
  • What else is needed? Shotgun microphone (spacer req), bag, memory card (SD), extra batteries
  • Zoom ratio – 29 to 348mm (12x) clear zoom gets your further (18x in QFHD and 24x in HD). Z5P had 20x, x160 has a 25x
  • Size and Weight: 2.3kg with NP970 battery, 171.3 x 187.8 x 371.3 mm)
    NEX-EA50H – 142.5 mm × 203 mm × 429.5 mm 1.7kg
    PXW-X70 – 1.4 no shotgun, 260cm x 230 x 150cm
    HVR-Z7 – 2.4kg,
    PXW-FS5 – 2.23kg (with 18-105 (no battery?))
    PXW-X160 – 3.2kg 191.5 × 201.5 × 412 mm (W x H x D)


Discussion What do we like?

  • Size and weight and form factor (Still get a sore hand after a longer shoot though).
  • Good to see “playback” is now a sensible name. (not “visual index”)
  • Autofocus. Ok. Face tracking works well.
  • Memory format. Good to see SD. Dual slots for relay recording.
  • Price
  • Built in ND
  • Chromatic aberration seems well held
  • Wifi smartphone control isn’t too laggy (although options are a bit limited in terms of control)
  • Lens isn’t too susceptible to flare.
  • Lcd – Good. Clean and clear.
  • EVF is ok, some lag though
  • Low light – needs a lot of light. However the gain is generally very usable.
  • Battery life – standard sony (good). NP 970 is recessed in the body.
  • Depth of field – easy to get that shot, not super sexy though
  • Lens handles macro stuff well
  • Stabilisation – generally solid. What’s expected for this sort of camera.
  • Menu system – yes it’s Sony, but it’s fast.


Discussion what could be improved?

  • Number of buttons – would like to see a few more. Found after reprogramming them that I was at least one button off. (histogram, peaking etc).
  • Having to reach up on top for menu is a little annoying.
  • Weird defaults – buttons need reprogramming (IMHO), interlaced formats, clear zoom off, just not what i’d want.
  • Higher FPS @ UHD
  • ND not variable
  • “Transition” between optical and clear zoom that is noticeable
  • Some banding and noise issues in shadows
  • USB connection – micro USB – lame. Supplied cable too short.
  • Charger – what the hell!?
  • Lens – wish it was faster at the long end.
  • Smaller size can be an issue (doesn’t wedge into your shoulder like other Sony cameras)



  • This is a camera with a tried and true form factor.
  • Good image quality, not sexy shallow DOF stuff though.
  • A reliable workhorse
  • Needs a few more buttons.
  • Perhaps not the “exciting boring camera” we had hoped. More of the boring boring, but there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. For those owning a similar camera from the past decade, this is the same thing, just updated with UHD and other modern fangled things (face tracking, wifi, etc)
  • Who should buy this? People who want the same camera but modernised
  • Who shouldn’t? People wanting a shallow DOF look, interchangeable lenses or work in lot light often.

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