We chat about a variety of new small form-factor cameras that have been announced recently and take a look back at some older gear in our new segment “Old but good”.



DJI Mavic DOES have the option to get it in a kit with a backpack. Comes out roughly $300 more AU




Old But Good

In this segment we chat about an old gadget, piece of gear, piece of software that isn’t new and shiny, but has proven itself over time.

Broadlink RM1 Universal Wi-Fi IR Remote Control for Cell Phone + Infrared Device

  • Control any IR appliance with your phone
  • Connects to WiFi network
  • Looks like a black spaceship (multiple IR LEDs)
  • App allows custom remote creation, scenes and timers
  • Could be a cheap way to trigger multiple cameras
  • $40 AU
  • New version looks like a tiny Mac Pro and is $16 US with voice control


CFL Box Lights

  • Photography Studio Photo Soft Box Video Lighting Set Softbox Boom Arm Light Kit
  • $150 for a 3 pack…. Still a bargain!  Bulbs are $25 for 2…
  • Great for large even lighting.
  • Fragile and break
  • Super Cheap


Hair of the dog – Old Wive Ales