It’s been a slower couple of weeks now that NAB has finished, but we catch up on a few developments that didn’t get a much coverage as the big announcements. We also have a more detailed discussion on the Zoom H6 audio recorder.



Sony Alpha Hack to Remove Recording Limit on Cameras


  • 30 minute recording limit removed
  • Reverse engineered the “Play Memories” app
  • SHOULD work on the A7S, A7R II & IIs, as well as the A6300 and RX bodies
  • Early alpha, not confirmed working on all bodies. Proceed with caution.  (Possible overheating issues?)



Condition One Announces the Bison, a Rugged 16-Lens Stereoscopic 360° News Camera


  • Drink
  • 16 gen-locked cameras
  • Designed to work filming objects close to the camera
  • News may be a good use of immersive video?



Pelican Air Cases Are 40% Lighter & Just as Strong as Original Cases


  • “Cases survived the same stress tests as their bulkier predecessors”
  • 6 new case sizes
  • Thinner walls, hollowed latches and handles, but still as strong.
  • New divider system – Rigid, soft plastic dividers can be sliced with a special tool and then held together with metal clips.



Dropbox Project Infinite will show all your cloud files in the Finder … without taking up any local space


  • Shows all files so you can see what’s available and keep folder structure
  • On demand download. Familiar green tick for downloaded, cloud icon for not.
  • Great for smaller HDDs.
  • Manual download for when you know you’ll be offline
  • A more granular “selective sync”
  • At this time targeted at business users, may come to other accounts.

Ikan’s One-Handed Gimbals Hold Smartphones, GoPros, DSLRs


  • Ikan, popular for their wide variety of budget-conscious filmmaking hardware, shows off several one-handed gimbals designed for anything from a smartphone to a DSLR.
  • The Fly-X3-Plus ($329) – Phones
  • The 3-Axis GoPro stabilizer ($330) pre-balanced for specific GoPros + 5-way joystick
  • The MS1 – Mirrorless: Holds up to 800 grams
  • The Beholder DS1: Supports up to 1.6 KG DSLR.


Mountain Goat – Summer Ale in a can