In this episode we discuss data wrangling for media production. We look at how to deal with getting recorded content onto our computer, how to store it and back it up. We also chat about idea storage setups for editing content.

Our reviews today include software to help sync your files (ChronoSync and Synkron) as well as an external RAID device to avoid (Vantec NexStar HX4R Quad 3.5 Inch HDD RAID).



Discussion: Data Wrangling

Copying Software

Favorite Cards

Favourite Hard Drives and RAID

Cloud Backup

  • Carbonate (not recommended as it slowed down backups (when used a couple of years ago, this may have changed))
  • CrashPlan (Jonathan had good luck with until he didn’t)
  • BackBlaze (not as powerful as Crashplan from a client software perspective, however has been reliable for Jonathan
  • Bittorrent Sync (not a cloud backup system, but it enables peer to peer folder sync over the net)



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